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“In total, I lost about 14 pounds and shrunk by 2 dress sizes. As you might imagine, I’m very happy with my results!” - Shirley

You can lose inches from your body with our state-of-the-art Red Light Body Contouring treatment… in just one visit!

No matter how well people eat, or how often they work out, it can be impossible to make any progress getting rid of fat from their body's problem areas. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for patients to lose that excess weight without having to resort to liposuction? 

Fortunately… there is! don’t need a strict diet or exhausting exercise routine. Forget surgery or invasive procedures like liposuction…

Our gentle weight loss therapy is the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure available that SAFELY gets rid of stubborn bulges and fat. This proven treatment brings about results that speak for themselves.

  • ​100% Non-Invasive
  • ​ZERO Discomfort Guaranteed!
  • ​NO Skin Damage or Side Effects
  • ​ZERO Recovery Down Time
  • ​Measurable Fat Loss (after just ONE visit!)
  • ​NO special diet necessary
  • ​Won’t interrupt your busy schedule

Clients witness results they've struggled towards for years, shedding excess fat in their waist, hips, thighs, and even arms!

The Results...

“I can finally go to the beach and wear my favorite bikini without being embarrassed about how I look!” - Lucy

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

A breakthrough in weight loss...

Red and near-infrared light attack fat cells in the body, resulting in a slimmer, healthier appearance. Red light therapy is the only way to effectively remove fat from problem areas like the waist and hips without resorting to invasive procedures like liposuction.

This treatment directly targets fat cells, causing them to break down and release. They’re then metabolized and eliminated through your body’s natural elimination process. This reduces fat deposits immediately without the need of surgery or invasive procedures. 

Proven benefits include:

  • Toned, youthful-looking skin
  • ​Enhanced collagen & elastin
  • ​Glowing complexion
  • ​Diminished lines & wrinkles
  • ​Better metabolism after treatment
  • ​Non-invasive procedure, ZERO discomfort or recovery!
Imagine being able to fit into your favorite outfit again or wearing a bathing suit with confidence!

What you can expect in your treatment

...ZERO discomfort, recovery time, exercise or dieting.

Your whole treatment can be done over a lunch break. You’ll be able to go right back to your normal routine immediately after your session with zero downtime.

During treatment, you’ll lie down and relax while the therapy pads lightly warm up. This is a very very gentle warmth that feels so relaxing for most clients that they’ll fall asleep.

At the end of your session, you’ll spend 15 minutes enjoying a full body vibration experience - this allows your body to maximize its fat elimination. Clients find this experience to be relaxing and invigorating, giving them greater clarity and energy through the rest of their day.

It’s considered the gentlest, quickest way to dissolve stubborn fat and bulges right out of your body.

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Hear what others are saying...

“It has helped me significantly in several ways… the first way is in weight loss… It helps to flush impurities out of the system, tones your skin up, gives you better color, gets rid of the lines in your face, it works awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try it. It’s safe, convenient and easy…. It also has reduced my lower back pain!” 


“I was having trouble losing weight around my middle. Not only did I lose weight, but I lost inches! Within the first month I lost 10 pounds, and I also lost 4 inches around my waist!  The best part was that my friends started telling me how much better I looked. It made me feel really great about myself. I’m very happy with my results and would recommend this service to anyone.” 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it backed by science?
YES, many studies have been done for over 40 years, beginning with NASA. With recent breakthroughs in infrared and red light benefits, researchers discovered one light frequency which can break up and penetrate fat cells. This is where our therapy originated from and the results speak for themselves!
Where does the fat go?
Once fat is broken up by red light penetration, it’s released into your detox pathways where it’s eliminated.
How does light therapy work?
Our body’s cells react differently to different wavelengths. The unique wavelengths of Red Light and Near Infrared light stimulate cellular and mitochondrial energy, breaking down fat cells, and releasing their contents harmlessly into the bloodstream.
Does it work for the whole body?
YES! Red light therapy can treat any area of the body with resistant fat pockets and bulges that have not responded to diet and exercise.
How long do results last?
Results depend on what you do after treatment, as much as the treatment itself - what your diet is like, exercise patterns and stress level are the main factors. With everything being decent, results can last a very long time.
How long before I see a difference?
You should see a noticeable difference after just one treatment. This includes skin tone, firmness, reduced size and healthier appearance.
Are there any side effects?
No. In fact, the process is so easy, there's zero recovery time required at all. Red light therapy is considered very safe. It’s a very gentle, 100% non-invasive treatment for weight loss.
Does it involve exercise?
NO! But your session is followed by a 15 minute “shake plate” experience for full body vibration - this helps your lymphatic system break up more of the fat deposits so they eliminate fully, along with increasing your circulation which is vital for healthy weight loss.
Do I need to diet?
No, there aren’t any special diets you need to follow. 
Who shouldn’t get Red Light Therapy?
While it is a very safe, non-invasive treatment, you should consult a doctor first if you are pregnant, fighting cancer, use a pacemaker, positive for HIV/AIDs or have hepatitis C.

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How does Laser Body Contouring Work?

Our Body Contouring Machine uses infrared lights to dissolve your fat and reduce inflammation. 

When your cells store excess fat, it can lead to inflammation 

The Secret: Red Light Therapy can release fats from cells

Participants in a peer-reviewed study lost 3.51 inches total off their waist, hip, and thighs after just 2 weeks!¹

Tired of feeling tired? We treat the root cause of the problem, so it’s effective in many ways. No more band-aid solutions!



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1. Jackson RF;Dedo DD;Roche GC;Turok DI;Maloney RJ; “Low-Level Laser Therapy as a Non-Invasive Approach for Body Contouring: A Randomized, Controlled Study.” Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, U.S. National Library of Medicine,